Is your Personality Destroying your Business

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Well, this is Jane Gardner and welcome to Finding your Purpose TV today.

I wanted to introduce you to my show “is your personality killing your business”  we are going to be talking about personality and how it affects your business.    We want to know that if we learn how our personality affects our business,  we can be successful.  So let’s go get started on our presentation.

I’ll tell you a little about myself,  as well,  finding your purpose TV  we also have of course Your Personality and Your Business,  this is my website.

I’m Jane Gardner,  I work at my husband in our structural engineering firm and I came onto the Internet to basically to help other entrepreneurs and especially if they’re running a home business and 2014 I learned about my personality which we can discuss at another time.

on “is your personality destroying your business success “we’re going to be to having 12 topics.  We are going to be talking about credibility.  How do you keep your credibility.  Why is it important how is it earned credibility. what is credibility defined by and what affects your credibility and why do we care because it’s all about who you are and being credible really helps you with your success.

We will be talking about the trust of others and  does your personality kill other’s trust.

What are the factors that give you the trust of others.  Does your personality mean that you can’t find any trust from others at all  and how does your actions kill the trust of others.

We are  going to be talking about intentional action which is very  important when you’re talking about finding your purpose.

Are you intentional in your actions or do you just wander through life or does your intentions get in the way of you having business success  or are those really what your intentions are.

And maybe you didn’t have those intentions but you got confused and that’s why you had no business success.

Do you even know who you are and what are your intentions and what it is.

And are you self-aware of who you are.

We are going to be talking about self-awareness which is very important in finding your purpose.

Are you as self-aware as you think you are.

Are you aware studies show that if you aren’t intentional in your actions if you are self-aware you can be intentional but otherwise how does stress increase with increase in  ignorance of who you are.

And other topics on self-awareness and your personality.

Is it fighting you are,  you doing things that are contrary to your personality which is causing you stress.

You should be true to your personality.

And we will be discussing how personality has seven different factors.

And is stress caused by conflict with your personality and your  values .

Values are very important.  If your values are clear in your business and in your life,  you know what they are,  working your business according to your values.

Or do you just wander through life.

Do you change what you value depending on what is happening in  your business.

What exactly are your values and what are they defined by.

There is a difference between perceived and actual values.

So we will b  having a long discussion on values.

Stress and health

Everyone knows that stress can affect your health.

Is your stress caused by not living consistently to your values.

Is your stress caused by you  not living to your purpose.

Is your stress caused by your inability to understand others.

And is you stress caused by the clash between perceived and actual values of your business.

We will be discussing this at length.

To sell is human.

We have been selling ever since we were born even as a baby we reached out to our mother or father in order to get their attention.

So everybody is selling themselves in terms of interactions with others.

People have different selling styles.  We will be discussing that as well as different buying styles.

If  you’re not aware of that then we should have a long discussion because to be successful in business you need to be able to understand how personality affects your selling style and others buying style.

Are you an entrepreneur.  There are different entrepreneurial styles. You can be successful if you work with your strengths of your personality rather than trying to develop your weaknesses.

We can all be entrepreneurs.  We are aware of the ways to adapt to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. These and many more discussions will happen on “is your personality destroying your business success.”


There are different leadership styles.  As well, you can be successful if you work with your strengths of your personality and we can all be leaders.

Change to adapt discovering your purpose,  living on purpose reduces your stress and  being self-aware and intentional can lead to success in your business.

So we’re going to be discussing how to discover your purpose.  Finding your purpose contributes to being self-aware and intentional which  can lead to success.

We will be exploring these and many other topics in the search for” finding your purpose”.

If you want to talk about your success in finding your purpose go to\spotlight and enter your contact information to have an interview.

so there you go there is a full discussion on your personality and how it can affect your business coming up and a lot of factors in terms of your personality.

so I hope that you have found this useful,  provocative and you can think about that until the next time , this is Jane Gardner and  to your success.