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Celebrating Finding your Purpose and Success in Life!

Finding Your Purpose TV channel on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple was born in September 2019 as there is a need on the Internet for people to find their Purpose in Life!

Besides the show by Jane Gardner of Your Personality and Your Business, there is, and will be, Shows by other Experts in finding your Purpose and being more fulfilled as you Journey through your Life.

If you have a Purpose or Passion that you want to share on Finding Your Purpose TV,


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Credibility   Finding Your Purpose 

Credibility-What is it

Credibility-What is it

  I this is Jane Gardner and welcome to finding your purpose TV, We don't need that some going to take it out...

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Finding your Purpose


To create awareness that being self-aware can make you intentional in your actions and success in your business, relationships and life. 


To be straight-forward. Forthcoming. Guaranteed Results. Educate, Entertain and Train.


To bring awareness that your personality can affect your business. If you are self-aware, you will be intentional in your actions once you know how your personality can affect relationships in business, family and life.