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This is Jane Gardner and welcome to finding your purpose TV
this is a channel that you can come and explore whether or not you found your purpose.

What is your purpose for this discuss other things with us including entrepreneurship we have a variety of shows on this channel and finding your purpose TV.

I want to show you here what the mission is for finding your purpose TV so let's go and have a look at finding your purpose TV
so we are on a mission to spotlight purpose driven entrepreneurs to bring awareness to how being aware of your purpose can bring you more success as an entrepreneur and in your life.

We are on a mission to bring awareness that self-awareness of yourself and your personality plays a role in your relationship with others.

As well we will be discussing and celebrating success of entrepreneurial businesses and then of course will be on a mission to celebrate the leaders who lead in these businesses and how their personality is part of the success.

As well we will be looking at leaders in our community to see how being purpose driven has helped them in their success.

We are going to be bringing awareness that knowing your values will make you intentional in your life and make sure that your relationships in communications are more successful when you're aware of your own personality and how it affects others.

We are going to be celebrating how different our personalities are and what some of the reasons behind the differences.

As well we can be celebrating the introversion extraversion difference and blow the definition out of the common vocabulary so that we can celebrate the uniqueness of everyone instead of introvert and extrovert being a negative.

We will be exploring these and many other topics in the search for finding your purpose so if you'd like to be spotlighted on finding your purpose TV and talk about your success in finding your purpose then go to http://jgtips.com/spotlight which is of course http://jgtips.com/spotlight and enter your contact information to have an interview and will be talking to you later so there that's what the mission the purpose of finding your purpose TV is and I hope that you continue to come and have a look at the new episodes as we go along and feel free to be also submit your information for an interview so we'll be talking about finding your purpose in house that's led to your success and I'm your host Jane Gardner and I hope you continue to enjoy these episodes thank you.