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Welcome, everybody. This is Jane Gardner, and welcome to Finding Your Purpose TV. I’m Jane Gardner. And welcome. We’re so excited today because we have another Purposeful Entrepreneur today and we’re going to be chatting with her about how she found her purpose. Her name is Dorothy Anne O’Dell, and she was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. So we have a lot in common because we’re both Canadians. We talk a lot about that right now. And she’s turned her love of books into her next career writing them and she loves to help people succeed in life. And when she’s not writing or reading, she’s helping her community. And actually remind me, Dorothy, we have to talk about your charity concept at the end. So I’ll write a note for that because it’s a really exciting one. And she’s also a life coach and speaker. And her life’s purpose is to make sure that people feel that they feel worthy and that they don’t feel unworthy. She believes every life matters and has dedicated herself to helping others overcome their own obstacles and learn to feel empowered to move forward in their life. And, Dorothy, we’re going to be talking a lot.

Let’s get ready. So, Dorothy, tell me, how did your purpose in life make you become the entrepreneur you are now? Welcome.

Thank you. Thanks for having me, Jane. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. I guess my purpose all started at the beginning of The Pandemic, and I’ve always loved helping people growing up and things like that. But I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to do that. And I wrote my first book, The Overcomer, facing challenges with faith and courage because I knew that I had a lot of challenges that I had overcome in my life, like bullying, low self esteem, abusive relationships, and family trauma. And I knew that I wasn’t the only one out there. And I also knew that in those moments when you’re going through those times that it is very challenging and that you feel very alone and sometimes you feel like you don’t matter. So I decided that my purpose was to make sure that people knew that they were heard that they mattered and that they never had to feel alone. So that’s when I came up with my purpose at the beginning of The Pandemic, wrote the book in no time at all and had it out for the world to see January of this year. And it’s been an exciting adventure. And I thought, why stop there? Help people overcome their obstacles, coach them on how to have fun, how to have some what’s the word? I’m looking for time to themselves and just really selfcare. Selfcare was key. It’s something that I never had growing up or I never took the time. Didn’t think about it. We weren’t educated in school, and I had a grandmother that said, you need to take care of your man. And it’s basically selfish to take care of you. And she’s old school and love her to death, but I didn’t know any better. So I was always giving, giving until I hit a wall. And my dad was diagnosed with cancer for the first time two and a half years ago, I met a counselor at the cancer clinic in here at Windsor. And the first question she asked me was, what about yourself? Care? And I said, there is none. I don’t have time for that. I’m planning a wedding. My dad just got cancer. Just that got diagnosed and work was insane at the time. So there was no time for me. And that’s when she said, well, you better make a time because if not, you’re going to crash and you’re going to burn hard and she was right. And I decided to put some tools into place to bring the fun back into my life because growing up there was fun and things like that. But there was also a lot of times where it was like I would call it adult times, I guess, where a lot of the time that was taken up was worried about parents that were sick, things like that. And it was a serious time. I took life way too serious, I guess, is the proper word I should use. And so growing up way too serious and being helping around the house my entire life. And I didn’t really have a lot of friends growing up. It’s funny because I talked about that this morning in a conversation with somebody else. And it was a lonely time. And I thought I hit my forties and I’m like, fun is it? And that’s been my word for the last five years. And for my I think it was my 43rd birthday. My husband says, what do you want? And I said, I just want a family balloon fight. Family is everything to me. And what better way. My birthday is in July. So it’s not like it’s cold months. So I said, that’s what we’re going to do. And everybody was receptive. We had my husband’s family over and we had a barbecue. We had a water balloon fight. And he just had some amazing fun. And everybody that was there that they said, I thought at first you were crazy, but we really did have fun. And everybody got into it, including my mother in law. So it was awesome.

I believe what I can’t believe is that it’s only been like two years ago and you decided to write a book and you just sort of suddenly found what your purpose is from all those years of challenges. We’ve spoken before and you’ve had quite a few challenges, I guess, not having the childhood that you wanted, like the one that everybody imagines and everything. And it’s been challenging, I guess, to realize that time flies and you’ve got to have fun.

That is true.

Tell us a little bit about your book as well, just for people who’d like to read it, how’s the progress do you go through your life history and what the challenges were and how to overcome it?

So it was funny because at the beginning of the pandemic, I used to do a lot of volunteering and stuff just to backing up a little bit. I used to live in Chatham, Ontario, and I used to do a lot of volunteering at soup kitchens and things like that. And then I met my spouse and I gave up all that and moved to be with him. So I gave up a great part of my life. But I don’t regret it. I don’t regret my childhood either, because it made me who I am today. And my family and I are amazing and we all help each other out. But I said to my husband, I said, I love being with you. I love being with your son, but I feel like there’s something missing. And I said, I need to start doing a little bit more for myself. Six years prior to the pandemic, I had got these promptings from God saying, you need to write this book. And I had spoken to different friends about it, hoping that they would tell me that it was an insane idea and that I shouldn’t do it. But no, they said, yes, it’s an amazing idea and people need to hear your story because it’s relatable. Like everybody goes through different things, but no one talks about it. So when they pandemic hit and I didn’t have the hour drive to work every morning and every hour back home that I had that time. So I said to my husband, I’m going to write a book. And he’s like, okay, I didn’t think nothing of it. So I wrote the book. And the book is my life story about it’s 24 chapters. In each chapter, I write about a challenge and then how I basically overcame that challenge. So I talked about being bullied in school and I talked about my abusive relationship and my first love. I talked a little bit about that and I talked about the work. We had worked in an environment that was very toxic and it was abusive as well. And I go on to talk a little bit about that. And then, of course, meeting Mr. Right and I share about our love story, our wedding, because our wedding was pretty special because my dad got like, we were engaged in November of 2018. My dad got diagnosed April of 2019 for cancer because I found love late. And my greatest dream was to have my dad walk me down the aisle. And when he got diagnosed with cancer, I wasn’t sure that was going to happen. And I had people praying around the world for him to make sure that that dream would happen. And it did. And so not only was our wedding emotional in the aspect that my dad was still there and the fact that Joe and I finally got married. And, you know, it’s funny, growing up, I used to read tons of romance novels, and I never thought that that would happen for me. And life. Marriage is not a romance novel by any means, but I think as a child and as a little girl, you have these expectations in your mind of what marriage should really be. So I think that’s probably why I waited so long to get married. And I had to take some time to myself to heal after the mentally and verbal abusive relationship that I was in, because I knew that if I didn’t and I didn’t heal, then I would just be toxic in a new relationship that I had. So I talked about that and I talk about leaving my family legacy for my family and the legacy that they have given me because I believe that a legacy is important. And I’m full of gratitude for the legacy that my parents have given us. They were married. They were together 50 years and married for 47 when my dad passed away three months ago. So that’s a pretty incredible legacy, especially in today’s terms, where people would rather just give up on each other instead of fighting for their marriage and fighting for what they really want. And I show gratitude in that. And I come from a family that is our family bonds. Like we could be mad at each other, but we’re always there for each other and even my aunts and uncles and things like that. To me, it’s special. We could go gears without seeing each other, but it’s when we see each other, it’s like we just picked up. And I believe that that’s very special and very much appreciated. The love that is in our family is by far what has gotten us through everything that we’ve gone through.

Oh, wow. And you know what? We haven’t even mentioned the title of the book, so maybe we can mention the title and then how it would relate to everybody else who’s listening.

Sure. The title is The Overcomer Facing Challenges With Faith and Courage, which can be found on Amazon or my website. Sorry, what was the second half of the question?

And you do have a work for them in the book. There is value in the book in terms of little processes that they can think about in terms of the book. And also that you’re working on creating a course from your book and a workbook. Your website is unstoppable Overcomer.

That’s right. Yes. Well, relatable it’s relatable because I’m not the only one that’s gotten bullied. And I know I’m not the only one that has low self esteem. And I know I’m not the only one that has been an abusive relationship. And I know I’m not the only one that has had their uncle take his life. And I know that I’m not the only one where their parents have gone undiagnosed with heart problems and has had cancer. So it’s relatable in the sense that I’m not the only one that’s gone through these, but I’m willing to talk about it, and I’m willing to share my experiences so that other people know that they’re not alone. And that is the whole purpose of why I did it, because I truly believe that no one talks about it. And yes, in the final touch stages of putting together a workbook to create the roadmap that I use to go from being stuck in unhealthy relationships to being unstuck and having the life and the fulfillment that I want, I am having fun because as I was talking to Jane before we started, I didn’t start having fun, truly, until I hit 40. I mean, there was fun, but I didn’t feel the fun in the fulfillment until I reached 40, I guess, is what I could say. I was very much sounds like the proper one was a caregiver for others. Yes, I was a caregiver for others. And so that in itself, you can create your own fun. And we all have our own fun. So let’s just put it that way. And I’m finding fun in different places. And when I find fun, you might not find fun. I love to work out. I am making time in my schedule. I’m learning a new thing called time blocking, where I’m blocking off times in my schedule to do the things that definitely need to do the has to and the want to. And I think it’s important that you definitely have an hour of want to in your schedule. And so creating that workbook helps people to identify and create a roadmap from, like I said, where they want to be to where they are to where they want to be.

The journey. Yeah. What was I going to say something? Oh, yeah. I was going to say something important. We’ve had a previous discussion about business, and you actually want to help businesses with this and making their employees happier and better employees. Really. So maybe we should just talk briefly on that as well, because that seems to be almost your second purpose is to be a business. You’re going to have the Overcomer of stress, I think. I don’t know what we have to think of a tagline for your business part.

Yes. So basically being an employee, too, I realized that there’s different stresses in the workplace, and you can feel unfulfilled at work as well. But I believe that we also have I help employees find out how to reduce the stress, how to find that fulfillment in life. And basically, it all ties into exactly how I became the Overcomer. Finding your purpose, finding what makes you happy doing those things. I find even with the pandemic, some people are blessed if they’ll be working from home. And some of us have to be in the office every day. It can be very stressful. Not only is the work stress, but then you have I call it the pandemic stress.


Because there’s still the worry factor out there and the fear factor for a lot of people. I refuse to give into the fear of what could happen. Let’s focus on what we’re doing and focus on doing the right thing. Are we washing our hands? Are we sanitizing? And I don’t think that the world needs to keep on putting those reminders in front of us. We’re all adults. We know what we need to do, just do it. But this pandemic, and especially the new variants has created a lot of fear in people, and that adds to our daily stress. So if we could just focus on the trigger of the stress, I think of stress as symptom. So what is the underlying factor to that stress? And it could be different for everybody. And it’s finding out what that trigger is for that individual, exposing that lie that they’re thinking, putting the truth to that and help reducing the stress. We all have stress. I mean, if you’ve ever shopped up Costco, that’s a whole different level of stress. I was there last night, and I’m like, why am I there on a Friday night?


But I needed things that I had to pick up. I think we all come across trust in different forms, but it’s how we choose to identify with it and how we choose to let a lot of things go. And everything circles back that I talk about in the workbook, and people like to put bandaids on different problems, but I don’t want to bandaid problems. I want to fix the problem and help people so that actually once you fix one thing, it will unravel all the way in life. Everybody talks about, oh, my spouse is so cranky and this and that. Well, are you bringing the stress home from the workplace? Number one. And if you could actually alleviate that stress and find proper communication at work and at home, I think a great deal of our problems all based on communication issues as well. And I see that in my own life growing up, we didn’t talk about a lot of things. So when I went into relationships, I carried that into that relationship. Well, now I’m finding out, well, my husband is not a mind reader, so I have to tell my husband what I need, what I want, and things like that where we think that they should just know, well, you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re supposed to thinking.

So unless he or she tells you, you know. So it all boils down to the same fundamentals, basically. And so I help employees reduce their stress and find fulfillment and fun, because if I can’t have fun, if you can’t have fun, what’s the purpose of it? What’s the point?

Yeah, I can see you going into a business that’s having problems and developing sort of like fun that they can have in the business because it’s a lot of meetings in offices and things like that. So it’s exciting. I mean, you’ve only started.


Last two years. So it’s going to be a process for you to figure that out. But yeah, to get people back into the office now is going to be really hard according to what’s going on. And we don’t want to just talk about the pandemic because it’ll be over. But in general, I’m grateful that I’m in a home office because I was in an office and it was very stressful. And there’s a lot of things that go on in an office that they need to work on in terms of having business coaches come in and analyze it and all that kind of thing. So I’m grateful that you’re thinking of adding some fun because it’s not fun in the office.

Well, my philosophy and I’ve told my boss several times I spend eight to 9 hours a day with you people. I get to spend two to 3 hours a night, if I’m lucky, with my spouse. So if I spend 80% of my time with you, I want it to be fun. And I coach my boss on what I need from them because I think that’s important. Your coach is not a mind reader or your employer is not a mind reader. So if you tell them what you need and you meet in the middle, I think that’s crucial. And nine times out of ten year boss is going to believe that, hey, you’re right. We do spend more time with each other than we do spend at home. So let’s make it an amazing work environment instead of being strifeled with stress and everybody’s crabby. If you take a look at the businesses that have a high rate of return of employees, the thing is cheaper to keep her. It’s cheaper to keep an employee than to retrain somebody else. So if we can all come to a common ground. I’m not saying asking for unrealistic expectations from your employer, but what I am the basics like being allowed extra time, and they have to take into consideration if somebody has just lost somebody in their lives and they’re acting out in different ways and they normally wouldn’t sitting down with that employee and saying, hey, I realized that there’s something going on with you. Are you okay? Do you need extra time for something? Just identifying, talking with your employee and finding out if they feel valued and they feel loved and appreciated, they’ll do anything for you. Yeah, absolutely. Anything for you. But when it’s trifled with stress and just do it my way and constantly belittling people, that doesn’t work. And I’m not saying that happens everywhere, but I’m just saying it does happen in the workplace. And just having those conversations is important. And just really focusing on how can we help the company with their bottom line and how can we help the employee get what they need in order to function at that high level?

Oh, for sure. Yeah. I know that it can be quite difficult in offices and now they want us to go back out of the office. So back home again. But here in Canada yesterday. But anyway, this is time limited, so we’re going to talk. So it’s cheaper to keep her. I think that’s a good tagline, although you may want to do better than that one. But I like that one because it is it’s cheaper to keep the people that you have even if you’re not happy with them.

So honestly, I got that tagline. Okay. So my brother has friends that were in a relationship, but my brother said it’s cheaper to keep her. That’s where that comes from.

We don’t want to use that one.

But honestly, marriage is like working with somebody, like working with your employer. If you can have open communication and you both come to a mutual agreement on anything. If you look at it, marriage is what keeps a marriage great and what keeps a relationship with an employee. Right. Are basically the same thing. Different fundamentals. You get extra benefits at home, but at work, if you keep the fundamentals and you keep the communication open, it’s the same thing. And it is cheaper to keep it in place than it is to retrain.

Yeah, for sure.

The Stats are out there to prove that.

And you know what, before we forget, I wanted to talk about your LinkedIn show. Do you think you’ll be continuing? What’s the focus of it? I see what it’s on a different day, one day. So they have to connect with you, I think, in order to see the notifications for the show. Is that correct? Okay, well, you’re continuing, I assume. I’m here for two or three years.

Yeah. You’re broadcast it is continuing. And actually, I love it. I love what I do. It’s Monday nights at 07:00 p.m.. Eastern Standard Time. It is connected to my YouTube channel, which is unstoppable overcomers, as well as my LinkedIn profile and my Facebook profile. But yes, I’ll be around for years to come. And I’m actually that’s the word I’m looking for. My goal is for it to be on national television.


Is my goal.

Yeah, we’ll talk about that in a second. 1st, we’re going to talk about what the mission of the show is just for those who are interested, who might want to come true. It’s all about purpose, to be honest.

Well, it’s all about overcoming and purpose. The show is unstoppable overcomers. So I talked to different people that have overcome obstacles, and it’s okay for you to overcome that obstacle. But how do you help other people with that obstacle as well is important to me. There is so many amazing people out there and I always say everybody has a story. So my purpose for the show is to showcase these amazing people because they could have anything overcoming as drugs, alcohol, sex addictions, eating disorders, disability, being wrongfully accused of. Actually, Monday night show, gentleman is being wrongfully accused and spent time in prison for something that he didn’t do. So I cover basically every area and I talk about it and shine the light on these people overcoming because it’s all relatable. We all have overcome something, whether that’s a fear or whatever. It doesn’t have to be big. But people are amazing creatures and I just believe in showcasing amazing people. And there hasn’t been a show where I’ve walked away and thought, why did I have this person on the show? It’s all been incredible and it continues to get better and better. Yeah.

I mean, you’ve only just started that as well.

I started that in May. Yeah. May of 2021.

Yeah. You’re a go getter.

So. Yeah.

So let’s talk about your vision because you wanted to speak to the universe about the kind of people that you’d like to interview and where you’d like to be in the future. That would be great. Thanks.

Okay, so my passion project that is still in creative mode. So it will be called the Overcomer Academy. And I vision that this will be in every city and province across the world. So when God gave me the vision, it was an abandoned school house. But this could even be online too, I guess. So there is a huge need for homelessness in my community where I live in Windsor, Ontario. So I envision classrooms and each classroom, one classroom will be helping the homeless and getting what they need, whether that be clothing, whether that be shelter, whether that be helping them get a job, if that’s what they want or desire, basic necessities of food or anything like that shelter. I don’t think anybody in this world should go without the basic necessities, food, shelter and water. To me, it’s actually criminal that we have so many people that are on the streets right now. I don’t understand. There was a project in place for $7 million to showcase more housing for homelessness and it still hasn’t happened. But yet we can put something some kind of, I don’t know, bandstand or something like that downtown. I think that has been put a stop to you because there’s been so many people saying, no, that’s not where our money needs to go. So in another classroom, because my heart also is helping people that have been abused, men and women, because men have been abused as well. So I want to there’ll be a classroom to help women and their needs, whether that be from just coaching to whatever they need if they’re on the run and they’re getting away from their abusive partner, helping ways to find them a safe place also as well. I believe that we are doing as a service to our children by not sharing with them how to Cook, clean, or anything like that. So in another classroom, have ideas and cooking classes for children to come in and get those, because I truly believe they gotten away with home economics. I don’t think home economics is in the classroom anymore.

Too bad.

As well as another classroom, I want to help people with self care, mental health issues, things like that. Because if I would have known if I would have had help at an early age, I probably wouldn’t have gone on to be into those relationships. And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t tell my parents about what I was going through because number one, I didn’t want to burden them. And number two, I don’t know, I just didn’t feel that my parents needed to know that. But if we teach kids that it’s okay to have these spots to get the help when they need it, to make them feel self love. Self love is important. If you don’t love yourself, no one else can love you. And it took me a long time to realize that and to love myself, to be able to look at myself in the mirror and accept and love who I see back. So definitely having a classroom for that. I also believe that freedom, that management, things like that, because if you don’t know how to manage your money, you’re never going to get it and you’re never going to be able to keep it. So having a classroom for that, as well as fitness, yoga, meditation, all of that, having a classroom in classes for that, as well, as you name it, like that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But every classroom should have something to help somebody in some areas that they need. And you know what they probably need at all at one point or another. Truthfully. So I’m in the beginning stages of making that happen. But I also need partners, because honestly, with something that big, there’s no way I could take that on myself. I’m great at coming up with ideas, but the execution, sometimes I don’t know how to do. So if anybody is looking at this and thinking, oh, my gosh, Dorothy, that’s an amazing idea. I would love to partner with you, reach out to me because I would love partners. And let’s make this a reality instead of just a dream.

Oh, yeah, for sure. Yeah. That was one of your dreams. Yeah. What was the other dream? When it came to TV and to who you want to interview. That’s kind of neat.

Okay. So I envision myself as the next Oprah.

There you go.

I truly believe that what I’m doing is amazing. And I truly believe that this needs to go viral. My show needs to go viral. The people that are on the show needs to go viral. I’m also putting out into the universe or to God, I put it out to everybody. But there’s certain people that I would like to showcase on the show because they have overcome. They run at peak performance. They run at a level that is above me. So I want to learn from them more. Like I studied them and not as like Tom Brady, Rob Gorensky, his right hand man, Elon Musk Oprah. I want on the show. Real talk, Kim, because she’s amazing and she brings the element of the faith into that, as well as Cher and Jack Campbell, because he’s one of the biggest and best writers ever in the world, because he’s gone on to be on the national best selling authors list, as well as his partner, Mark Victor Hanson. So incredible. People that have all overcome amazing odds and are at a level of peak performance and top performance every day of their lives. So I want people to learn from these people as well.

Yeah, for sure. Yeah. No tweet them or whatever on LinkedIn. I don’t know what it’s called on LinkedIn, but you never know. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they were watching this. Yeah.

Well, it’s funny.

Just before we go and see your information and everything so people can get a hold of you, we haven’t talked about fun so you can give me a few ideas of fun, maybe even just your 43rd birthday. Sounded like a lot to me.

I know, right? I truly believe that. Like I said before, fun is different for everybody. So this is what I encourage you to do. I encourage you to take a piece of pen and paper out and write at least of at least 21 things that you like to do, some of these things that you probably did when you were a child that you thought, hey, that was fun. But because life gets ahead of us, life is so busy, we just sometimes even forget to have fun. So I encourage you to write a list of 21 thing and then start doing them. As a matter of fact, I have a 21 day challenge going on right now for each day that you do something fun. And I posted either a picture or a video of what I’ve been doing. And for me, the one day was cooking because I truly enjoy cooking as long as it’s for the right people. And I love cooking for people who appreciate my food. And when I lived out at home with my parents, they appreciated my food, so I really liked it. I don’t know. Cooking for picky eaters is not fun for me, but I do it because I have a picky son. But I was cooking a dinner. And then yesterday I took the day off and I spent it with my mom. So my mom and I had fun and we had lunch together and we did some shopping. And again, the water balloon fight, ballroom dancing can be fun. Skating, ice skating. I think it’s fun, but because everybody is so different, I encourage you to write a list of 21 things and just start doing them and then follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn and then post because I want to tag me in that post because I really would love to connect with you and really get to know you and just really create a world of fun. Right.

That would be great if everybody could have fun even in a pandemic. But we’re not going to talk about that too much because it’ll be over in a few months.

I pray to God.

Hopefully we can have fun at home anyway. But, Dorothy, I’m just going to show the end card and maybe you could point out some of the things that how they can find you. You don’t have to read out your name or anything, but I meant what you’re offering. Yeah, that would be great.

Sure. I’m definitely offering a 30 minutes discovery call to see if it’s a good fit to work with you, whether that be you needing fun in your life, whether that be reducing the stress in your life or finding fulfillment or finding your purpose. Finding your purpose very important. Wanting to get your story out there. I’m booked to the end of January for people on my show, but I’m looking for new people and to connect with different people. So you can definitely go to my website, which is Book your time and would love to just meet with you and just talk with you. I love making new friends. And if you need help in those areas that I mentioned, I would love to help you with that. Or if you just want to even contact me via email and that’s Grahamdrothy, 48 And definitely if you want a copy of the Overcomer because it sounds amazing and you’re saying, Dorothy, your story truly resonates with me, and I really would love a copy of the Overcomer. You can definitely get it on my website or you can definitely order it on Amazon.

Yeah, for sure. No, I didn’t mean to interrupt you there, Dorothy. No, that’s okay. Yeah, definitely get the Overcomer. You’ll get to know Dorothy for sure. Yeah. So, Dorothy, do I have your LinkedIn on our end card here or how they can connect with you on LinkedIn? Because I find LinkedIn almost the best place for connection.

Just type in Dorothy Ann Gram Odell on LinkedIn and that’ll come up great. I can give you the link to add to that if you’d like. That’s okay.

I can add it in later if it’s not there on the end card. I forget now because I know we’re connected and we’ll obviously be trying to watch your show and that kind of thing. Yeah. And so Dorothy is also hoping and dreaming to be on national TV, so we’ll put out the vibes for her to do a show. Thank you. I don’t know how you found your purpose so quickly. It’s amazing that you and then wrote a book and done a show and you’re just moving. So I think you’ll really get to the things that you need to for your passion and your purpose, for sure. Yeah, go ahead, Dorothy.

Sorry. I was just going to say most of it comes to me intuitionally based. And if you just sit down for ten minutes and just allow yourself to be quiet for ten minutes, I’m telling you, each morning you do that, you get more in tune with who you are and what your purpose really is. And I didn’t start doing that until about a year and a half ago. And since I’ve done that, it’s a game changer because usually my mind was so full of different things, like, oh, I have to do this, I have to do that. And my mind was constantly 24/7 where I learned to quiet it down a little bit and to enjoy life more and just be instead of do all the time, which has been absolutely phenomenal as well. But I think if we really want to find out what our passion is, just find what brings you joy. Once it brings you joy, that’s the start of your purpose, I truly believe.

Well, I do enjoy meeting people, so I guess I have found some of my purpose. So I’d like to thank you, Dorothy, for coming on today and sharing your purpose and everything. Do you have any final you need a tagline? I still think that’s a good tagline, but yeah, but yeah, we’ll just wrap this up, Dorothy, by saying, what would you like to say for anything? As the last comment.

I just encourage everybody, like I said, to look within themselves to find at least start with ten to 15 minutes a day just for you, and really focus on self care and really loving yourself because you do matter. You absolutely matter. And I believe you all have a story, and I believe everybody needs to hear your story. So just don’t be afraid to press into whatever comes, whatever comes in your way. I say be open to everything and attach to nothing. That’s a Wayne Dyer quote, and I absolutely love it. And every time I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed, I keep saying, okay, open to everything and attach to nothing. And I just keep saying that. And it truly helps me get through some times as well and just start having fun. Just really press into the things that you like to do and start doing them.

Dorothy, what a message. That could be your whole message for your business. You’re great communicator, Dorothy, and I really appreciate you having you on. And it’s just so awesome when I get to meet purpose driven entrepreneurs because they know their passion and they’re willing to talk about it, which a lot of people don’t. So thank you, Dorothy Anne a pleasure. Yeah. Okay. Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Dorothy Anne, for sharing your story. And if you wanted contact Dorothyann go to her website