Introduction to Finding Your Purpose TV Channel

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I’m Jane Gardner and I am going to be your host to our journey on Finding your Purpose.

I found my purpose a few years ago but if you’re still looking, we are  going to be on a mission to spotlight purpose driven entrepreneurs to give you some idea on some of the ways that people find their purpose and what success it had after finding the purpose.

We are  going to be bringing awareness to how being aware of your purpose can bring you more success.

We are on a  mission to bring awareness that self-awareness of yourself and your personality plays a role in your relationship with others.

We want to celebrate the success of entrepreneurial businesses where they have found what their purpose is

We are  going to be celebrating the leaders who lead  and how their personality is part of the success of the purpose driven leader.

To bring awareness and knowing your values will make you more intentional in your life.   We have a show called Values and Ethics that will be using the discussing values versus ethics and values and ethics.

We are on a mission to make relationships and communication more successful.  When you’re aware of your own personality and how it affects others we  will also going to be celebrating how different our personalities are and how we should celebrate the differences.

Stop making labels for people and we are going to be celebrating the introversion extraversion difference and blow that definition out of the common vocabulary.  There is a different definition which we can celebrate and celebrate the uniqueness everyone.

Being self-aware and intentional can lead to success in your business will be exploring these and many other topics in the search for finding your purpose.  So,  if you want to talk about your success in finding your purpose go to and add  into your contact information to be interviewed and come on finding your purpose TV.

These are the  highlights  to show you what is the purpose of Finding your Purpose TV.

I hope that you will continue to watch and be able to enjoy all the discussions we have with entrepreneurs and others on finding your purpose so thank you for listening and will get back to you soon.