Credibility-What is it

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I this is Jane Gardner and welcome to finding your purpose TV,

We don’t need that some going to take it out because I trust my camp your credit of all welcome welcome you’re on TV and I wouldn’t be talking to you about credibility why you well

I’m all about credibility because this is what makes the world go around.

So anyway,  this is part of finding your purpose once you find your purpose,  you will be seen as credible as you will be self intentional in what you do. You will be self-aware of why you do what you do and people understand who you are and know and like and trust you.

They see you as credible because you are  consistent in what you do.

So,  let’s go and talk about credibility.

Today,  it’s actually all the basics about credibility and I hope you understand this to find a way probably have to find a way on the website to have a frequently asked questions so you can contact me if you have any questions on this.

So,  anyway,  today we are  going to be talking about credibility.


What is it.

What does it mean to you.

Who has credibility.

Who lacks credibility.

So why is it important.

Why should we care about credibility.

Well, today,  I’m going to be talking about in this discussion why it is important that you are aware of what credibility is and how it affects your relationships with others.

How it affects you and the other person in terms of credibility. As well,  credibility is fundamental and foundational for effective leadership and teambuilding in any office.

It’s foundational for relationship development with others.

If you’re doing a job search and selection you have to be seen as credible.

As well as if you’re coaching and teaching,  you have to be effective and credible person.

Customer service,  of course,  to be in the awesome customer service,  you have to have credibility.

In order to do sales,  you as the sales person has to have credibility so the other person will buy.

So these are just some of the simple ways that you need to have credibility.

So let’s have a look at what happened here I can something happen here with my slide sorry about that and it’s my most important slide so we are going to do that slide it can so I’m not going to stop.  I’m going to show you what I do I keep going so I am going to do another screen capture and asked myself why this slide move because this is the most important slide open up to you and say

Credibility is the a level of respect others think about you

So well,  we will start that discussion about what just happened whether you find me credible.  But yes I respect you and hopefully you respect me because I kept on going.  So here we go.  See if it happens again.  Yes it’s happened again for some reason,  my slides have moved up and down during darn now what’s going to happen here for some reason I had a slide that wasn’t correct,  so don’t stop will talk about credibility and we do this again.

So there’s my studio background and I’m going to be adding another screen capture – all of the slide because the slide move down. Next time,  check your slides again before you start to make sure they’re all the same.

As credibility,  credibility goes up , so does others willingness to believe what you believe,  value what you value, support your plans,  help you achieve your goals, be honest with you and trust you.  it’s the old,  know,  like and trust you = credibility very important in any relationship.

So what makes credibility increase and decrease.  Behaviour,  basically behaviour,  because that’s all we can see about a person anyway is your behaviour.

What we see as being appropriate from the other person’s perspective,  not yours,  to time place, people and situation makes your credibility increase – behaviour perceived as being inappropriate for the same factors makes it decrease.

So credibility has three levels.

there’s yourself-  your reality is based on your own beliefs whether good or bad and so you can have credibility with you in terms of your reality and who you are.

The secret to understanding your customers is understanding that they are perceiving who you are from your behaviour and your credibility.

So then we have organizations,  they can also have credibility in terms of the organization on how they present themselves.  I of course should’ve had some long logos of more well-known companies than mine but this is my bio which is my open bio in terms of who I am, where I live,  who I work with is my husband, what I do,  what I love,  so I like to think by sharing this file rather than some boring written out text document you enjoy looking at what I enjoyed to do and I have more credibility as a human being.

Developing credibility behaviour examples that build credibility but I think you all understand that honesty helps to develop credibility.  Devotion,  Punctuality are   good example for others.  Ethical behaviour,  taking responsibility for your behaviour when you make mistakes,  keeping promises,  forgiving and understanding on other people make mistakes, getting involved with the community with your with others volunteering,  focusing on the positive,  these are all things that develop your credibility.  These are all behaviour so the point to this is your behaviour is what develops your credibility.

Here are some of the things that can destroy your credibility.  Dishonesty,  lack of devotion,  no concern for time,  setting a bad example, unethical behaviour,  breaking promises,  denying responsibility for behaviour, being unforgiving,  not getting involved with others,  focusing on the negative,  these are all things that can reduce your credibility.

Credibility and the qualities of credibility from the book by James Ghose and Barry Posner on  how leaders gain and lose it and why people demand it-  it’s a whole book on credibility and they did a studies and surveys of thousands of organizations of the employees,  of course,  in terms of asking them what they felt were credible qualities for a leader.

These were the four highest traits of a good credible leader= honesty= being competent= being forward-looking and =inspiring= inspiring others to do what they need to do as well as= being forward-looking =looking to the future.  These are the kind of qualities that make a leader credible.

Feel free to go and look at the book to read more about credibility.

In any situation,  your greatest strengths can become your greatest limitations.

For example, leader  who likes to control your business,  your meeting, s in your personal life share how you make decisions or listen to other people and their opinions.  Well,  how much credibility does  this leader have with this team – not much because he or she  are not be willing to be part of the community and listen to others.  It reduces her credibility.

So what can you do to improve your credibility.  Well one thing that I could’ve done of course,  is to check my slides before I started,  but we are going to be have ongoing discussions on credibility because it’s a very important topic.  Because it’s all about really knowing who you are and knowing  other people are and being able to find your purpose so you act with purpose and you understand who you are and you can communicate who you are,  your qualities to others , so that you are seen as credible because of the consistency in how you behave.

This is going to be quite a discussion on credibility here and finding your purpose TV and anyone who likes to have a discussion with me on camera is welcome to come and share their wisdom as well so hopefully we will have a few people coming to discuss credibility. Being a leader ask I do have a leadership leadership show so I could go out and get some people who believe being a leader and discuss what traits they think a leader needs to have but today this is all about credibility so let’s go and finish so so thank you for listening.